Help the Williams Family

14 Sep

Apryl Williams is one of my best friends in the world, she is a sweet, loving, kind person. She’s the wife to Ray and amazing mother to 5 yr old Raymond Jr, 4 yr old Sabrina, 3 yr old Katherine, 2 yr old David and 4 week old Sara. Apryl also suffers from a potentially life threatening heart condition called Ventricular Tachycardia. This defect is an extra electrical impulse in Apryl’s heart that causes her to go into essentially pre-heart attack conditions, and can be fatal if not treated properly. Extremely high blood pressure an d heart rate and irregular heart beat.Portland has amazing cardiology specialists here for Apryl, including the very Dr who first diagnosed and treated her condition several years ago. Apryl nearly lost her life during her pregnancy with baby Sara. She was unable to care for her other four children, barely able to breath or exert any energy without nearly colapsing and was hospitalized for stabilization for several days. Her condition has significantly worsened. Without solid and ongoing medical treatment and major support from her family and support system Apryl chances of seeing her children grow up are slim. The Williams family curently resides in rural Illinois with no real support system or help. Ray has been out of work and searching hard and doing all he can to support his family. All of Apryl’s family and means of emotional and physical support are here in Oregon. They desperately need the means to relocate here. To be with friends and family who can help care for Apryl and the children while Ray looks for and obtains employment, as well as access to the treatment Apryl needs. Ray has a solid job lead here but needs to be in Oregon to attend the interview. Please help this family come home to Oregon. Help save Apyrl, give her and Ray a chance to give their kids a better life, one with two parents. They need enough to get out here, preferably by vehicle. Either someone willing to drive out and drive them back or a way to drive themselves as well as gas and food for the trip. They will also need means to pay for lodging while looking for work and transportation to Dr. appointments and job interviews. They are being very proactive working as hard as they can to find resources in Illinois to help get here, including selling everything they possibly can. Let’s love this family and partner with them to get them home and help they so desperately need.

Above is their link, please share this on you FB and Twitter, email friends, donate. Help my sweet friend.

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