To The Impatient Woman In Shari’s Who Thought Her Time Was More Valuable

15 Mar

Dear Lady in line at Shari’s:
I realize that this is Sunday, that you may have just come from church. That after sitting in your pew with your nicely pressed outfit and perfect makeup for exactly 65 minutes all you want to do is have a nice brunch with your stepford wife clones. I’m sorry if I don’t look like you. I’m sure you judged me solely by the fact that I had 4 children in tow, that my grey sweatshirt from Joe’s Crab Shack says “BITE ME” on it in big bold letters, that my hair is greasy and that my clothes are wet and probably a little dirty. I’m sorry you thought I was being rude when I politely and genuinely stood on the side of the giant line of people waiting to get on  the list and said “I just need to pay” truly having good intentions. You see dear madame, I know you see the 4 kids politely and pretty quietly waiting for me on the entry bench. The one in the green coat? My oldest son. My beautiful sweet boy, who has spent this entire 40 minutes of out to eat breakfast being on his best behaviour, listening and acting pretty much appropriately, is nearing his limit. I know your time is more valuable than mine, I know that you really care less about what’s going on in my life(as is very clear by your actions) you just want your damn coffee and oatmeal with fat free milk. But you know what? I really was thinking of you and the entire restaurant of patrons and employees when I so rudely and politely “cut you” in line. You see, my boy struggles with severe Sensory Processing issues, PDDNOS (a form of Autism) ADHD, Anxiety, and a receptive processing disorder that makes it hard for him to process information as fast as everyone else. So today. This amazing behavior we’re all witnessing is a FREAKING MIRACLE! And I know my son ma’am, so I knew he was at the point where we’d be witness to a giant meltdown if I didn’t pay asap. If I had waited at the back for 15 or 20 minutes for all of you to get on your precious list you’d have an even more judgmental rant to bestow on your friends during brunch. So you see, I was doing what I know to do best. Be a good mother, meet my kids needs. Because when I do that, when I do what’s right even if I risk pissing you off, I’m really thinking about everyone. Trust me, I’ve been that mom with the melting down child on the brink of tears in a very crowded store or restaurant being stared at and judged. Actually 99 percent of the time that’s our reality in this season of life. But today I got to be the mom who was proud of her kid for how hard he worked, how brilliantly he dealt with the noise, bright lights, and smells. I got to be the mom who actually had a complete stranger walk up to her and say “thank you for teaching your children to behave in public”. But that cloud 9 I was on came crashing down when I had to check out and you passively agressively announced to everyone in line 4 times asking them if they were checked in bc you weren’t wanting to be rude and cut anyone. You were so sickenly sweet about it being careful to draw attention to your self while looking at me through the corner of your eye that it was very clear what you were doing. So, actually ma’am, I also want to apologize to you for my own rudeness. I’m sorry for cutting in line and for turning to you and saying “the sooner I pay the faster you can get on your list” and I’m also really sorry I told you to have a nice day, with a smile on my face on my way out the door with my four kids, looking like a greasy scrub. Im sure you’ll be telling your friends how you can’t believe I had the audacity to speak to you. I really hope you do have a nice day. And I really hope that some day you look back on this moment and maybe have some compassion for the scrubby looking mom and the four beautiful children who interrupted your perfect Sunday brunch. God knows I’m struggling to work on that myself. Because I bet you have things going on in your life too that are over shadowing your true self this beautiful rainy morning. I truly believe that on any regular day your probably a very pleasant kind soul. So until next time. Have a blessed Sunday, and be careful, Shari’s coffee can be kinda hot.

Mama C
(Greasy dirty rude cutter lady with too many kids)

PS, here’s a pic of my beautiful kids being cute on the same bench while we waited to get on the list earlier


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