Are We Aware Yet?

03 Apr

Stumbled on this blog through felloe blogger Autism With a Side of Fries on FB this am, after getting BB on the bus and practically throwing LB at his (it was THAT bad people, i am so not making this up!) all that to say, i couldnt have found this blog at a better time! love their hilafrity, honesty and tact. love this post, hope t see more from them! Have a great morning y’all!

Mama C

Laughing Through Tears

Well, we spent the entire month of March talking about how April is Autism Awareness Month, so let’s get this show on the road, shall we? People are looking to us, The Autism Community, to see what we want them to do. Do we even know? What do we want the rest of the world to learn about us and our children? How can they help us?

In Spectrumville, every month is Autism Awareness Month. What do we do with all of this wonderful, endless awareness? Well, I submit that we start by reviewing a few sticking points first.

Acceptance: The other white meat. A lot of people have been very vocal about the need for this. The problem is, a whole lot of other people think that “accepting” autism means that you are just giving up. And giving up on your children is… well, unacceptable.

I think what we…

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