Happy Easter M family style… note to self, buy more duct tape

05 Apr


So, it’s that time of year again. Easter. Jesus is risen, he paid a precious price for us, forgiven our sins forever so we might have everlasting life with him in heaven should we choose to follow him. And it’s also that day when good old yours truly takes mental note of how many bags of Cadbury mini eggs it will take her to go through to give her enough sanity to brave church.(which that part still happens now, but instead I make a call instead of actually inhaling a billion calories In chocolate) I belive the above photo says it all. There’s also a few that are more colorful (courtesy of BB in full meltdown mode) that I may or may not post… we shall see how I feel at the end. 😉 I don’t care how much they hate it or how many shots featuring BB flipping me the bird I have to go through, I WILL get a picture of this moment damn it, if my life depends on it. We made it through church. All kids did amazing the entire time AT church, it’s before and after that leave much to be desired. BB decided that he was going to “show you mommy” by making a quesadilla in the microwave and then wiping the pooled cheese grease all over the front of his nice button down shirt that took me 20 min to wrangle him into. Lucky for me I lost my last “give a s@$!” about 30 min prior and drug his unhappy but to church in his greasy shirt. Atleast it was a NICE greasy shirt, and not the 4 days worn/dirty angry birds shirt I’d been trying to pry off him since Friday. Thank you Jesus, miracles do happen every day, yes Virginia there is a Santa clause, tooth fairy, easter bunny and thank GOD BB is wearing a new, nice , clean cheese greasy shirt to Easter Services…. we got home with most of our wits about us. I fed kids food, at my lunch and now we are off again. This time to visit our sweet “German Grandma” 97 years young and still going, despite the scare she gave us this last summer. So for now, Happy Easter, Jesus lives. Love you all… and ps I need to invest in stock of Duct Tape 😉



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