BB turns 10, and the Great Nanny Search of 2015

27 Jun


I can’t believe it’s JUNE already?!? Seriously people this has got to slow down some! But, certainly I know time must go on. 10 years ago as of June 23rd 2015 BB turned 10 years old!! Who in God’s green earth authorized THAT? My sister “W” also lnow as Aunt Neenee said “uh he did… duh” Ignore her, humor and sarcasm are lost on her. Anywho, BB is the big one oh and ot feels so surreal. He is VERY proud of double digits and losing his 5th tooth and the friend bowling  party and family bbq we have planned for this Saturday. Also… we are interviewing  (well I Am interviewing and then informing DH that “this one is the one, say yes or you’ll never hear the end of it” Due to miscommunication issues and the fact my current childcare option is just.plain wore out, we opted to look for professional qualified care. I’ve had a few phone I terview and have one in person meet and greet/interview for this Sunday coming up and feel 99.99% sure this is “the one”. I really resonated with her philosophy and view on relating to kids as people and the was she was so passionate about her job.  More nervous now she won’t want to choose US! The meet and greet is the clincher. I’m sure she will love the kids, most people do. I’m more worried about some of my clutter that’s not whipped into shape 100% of the time, the stains on my carpet and everything else. But I know this. If God has it already written I to our story then it’ll be. His plan is perfect and He has this all worked out! Just gotta take deep breath!

Thank you Jesus for my son and how beautifully and wonderfully made in your image he is. Thank you for LS abd LB, DH and our families and friends and church family. Thank you God for my job, it truly is a blessing. I put all this in your hands and praise you that you got this, you got us and that’s enough!

Mama C


My shot at making Pokéball cake pops as party favors for BB’s friend party. Bowling, Pokémon, BBQ, new friends, old friends and family. Happy Birthday BB, your mama loves you SO SO MUCH! To infinity and beyond my boy 🙂

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