An open Letter to My son’s dr

02 Sep

Dear Dr. Raddish,
I sent you a email today. You’re amazing and weve always felt you’re in our corner. I reccomend you always to other parents needng a neuro developmental pediatrician. That being said. I really need to say this. Judah is now 10. When he was 6 I asked you for help getting him a service dog.  You told me its easier and cheaper to get one from a shelter and self train. I tried that. THREE TIMES. Ive researched, prayed, cried over testimonials, vetted several non profits who offer the the kind of training and service animal Judah needs.  I’ve done this and compiled data for FOUR YEARS. we have one organization here locally in our state. They seem ok. I did not choose them. I chose a great pace in Ohio that has exactly what Judah and our family needs. I wouldnt opt to fly with him to another state if i didnt beleve in this so much for him.  And now we need YOU, HE NEEDS YOU, to help us. We need you to sign the medical necessity forms and recommendations and dx proof for Judah’s application to be processed. Youre the tip of the iceberg. You’re our hope for this crucial piece of Judahs independance. With a dog he can be independent in the community eventually, make friends, have a job. The behaviors and value this animal can provide my son will allow him to live a great life in the least restricted environment possible. Your amazing, please help us help Judah be the best amazing Judah he can be. Bc he is already so great, lets help him harness it. Thank you so much for being in our corner thus far. Sincerely,
Judah’s Mom.


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