BB Turns 12, New IQ Testing, New DX and Summer Shenanigans…

02 Aug

Once again, been forever blogosphere! But Mama C is baaaaack! 

BB turned TWELVE in June! He had a friend party and sleep over with two friends from his class. Complete with cake made to look like a Poke Ball. Hes still a Pokemon fanatic.

 BB’s had a rough year. He had unexpected surgery in Feb that set him back school wise and was a hard transition back until the end of the year. He missed nearly 6 weeks of school. It was awful. He went down to a 1/2 day schedule bc the transition back was so bad.

In March we had updated full psychological testing done. The results were shocking for me. I still dont fully believe them. 3 years ago we did this same testing and got an 82 full scale IQ score with an explanation from the dr that it was very uneven and that she suspected that his iq was actually nuch higher but bc his processing and attention were so low they brought the over all score down. She even made an extra paragraph in her relort to explain that and wrote that you cant rely on tue 82 for an acurate depiction of his intelligence. Fast dwd three years later to this March abd we redo the testing. Get the results in May and HIS IQ DROPPED 13 POINTS. His new FS IQ is 69. The cut off for intellectial disability dx is 70. So the new psych who did the updated testing laveled BB with “Mild Intellectual Disability” dx which is the new lable for “Mild Mental Retardation”. Same dx just called something more PC now. You guys, my heart sank when we got this news. I didn’t and still dont want to really believe it. There are some times where i can kinda see it but mostly i still see the kid who is bright and on it and yes struggles with lots of stuff but who is smart and capable and so much more than “mildly intellectually disabled”. The Dr was firm in her dx and the test results however. She referred us back to Dr Raddish and reccomended we re-apply for DD services since now he has a qualifying dx, IQ score and qualifying adaptive functioning scores. I reapplied. Still waiting on the answer for that. We see Dr Raddish tmrw. Hopefully she has more answers and help for us than last time we saw her. BB also has a new Psychiatrist, AGAIN. They keep leaving Options. But, the new one seems AMAZING. His name is Dr. Wolf and ye actually knows what Wraparound is and CAME TO OUR LAST MEETING! Hes actually the reason oir wrap coordinator approved going back up to level D services. Bc dr W was there tellibg him in person that he was absolutely reccomending D and why. I finally feel we’re getting the services he needs abd heading towards a good direction to make real progress. More than we have the last 3 years. Which has been basically zero, especially at home. Im proud of the work we’ve done to get here. All the blood, sweat, tears its taken to advocate for my boy. Its been worth it. However that being said, NO ONE should have to fight this hard and this long for adequate services for their child. EVER. I can only hope it’ll change. 

Although the testing psych also reccomended an out of district therapeutic setting for BB. One that he “cannot escape due to his behavior”  the school district argued that he had a good last 2 weeks of school so theyre keeping him in the class hes in, against dr reccomendations. Although we really do love this class and teaching team im worried itll not go well in fall, or start out great then fail again like it did this last year. BB knows all hes gotta do is amp up his behavior and hell get sent home. The team tried so hard to help him stay in school and finish the ywar in his class. But they can’t go to heroics again. Its not sustainable. Im trying to be hopeful abd have faith but also be realistic. I hope the district powers that be actually listen if it starts to fall apart abd I truly hope it doesnt fall apart. Bc, when he does well in this class he truly thrives. Its a great fit when he’s doing well. Well… hope you’ve enjoyed this catch up. Hope to be back sooner than later. 




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