Hi! My name is Chelsea and I am a mom with three young children. I am married to my husband Daniel and have been for seven years. Our oldest son recieved a mental health diagnoses of PDDNOS (high functioning autism) in 2009 he has had severe sensory and behavorial issues and developmental delays since birth. Our developmental specialist had enough to medically dx him last year but wants to wait til he is eight to see if its more solid. Our middle child our only girl shows some signs of sensory issues and is very much an introverylt. Our yongest son has several things in common with his brother as far as sensory issues and delays go and is currently in early childhood intervention through esd in our school district. I love working with kids and learning about special needs of all kinds. Its my dream one day to work with preschoolers on the austism spectrum. I also love to do art and cook and read and listen to music. You will see all of this on this blog. I also love Jesus, or at least am trying to do my best to love Jesus. So you will hear about him here too and probably do my fair share of whining but you can skip those parts :). Feel free to share and comment! Thanks for stopping by!


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